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[Personal information has been redacted.]


From: Police Station 3

To: Military Committee

Date: 4/12/1357 [23 February 1980]


Civilian Javad Mazloum Jahromi, son of Mohammad Sadegh, has stated that owing to his Baha’i ideology, his shop, behind Farmers’ Market Square, has been looted.  Currently, the landlord and surrounding businesses are creating a nuisance, asserting that "as you are a Baha’i you are not allowed to work here”, or “Bring a letter from either the Committee or the clerics giving you permission to work in this location".

Military Coordinating Committee, please investigate this matter and notify us of the result.

Head of Police Station: Lieutenant Haghighat


For the attention of the Liaison Committee, Mr. Mohammadi

Related to the Police Station [branch], located on Nader Street, Formerly Hezb e Rastaghiz