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Ministry of the Interior

Provincial Government of the Tenth Province


Copy of the report number: 14

Date: 27 Mordad 1322 [19 August 1943]


Head of the Law Enforcement Unit,

[This is to] respectfully inform you that letter number 153, dated 23 Mordad 1322 [15 August 1943], along with report number 51 of 21 Mordad 1322 [13 August 1943] and its attachments, is being returned from the law enforcement office of Najafabad. 

As instructed, I travelled to Najafabad in the late afternoon of the 23rd of this month [15 August] and made several enquiries about the opposition of the Islamic Societies to a group of Baha’is. According to the information received, an order had been received from the Baha’i teachers encouraging the Baha’is of Najafabad to propagate the religion of Baha in the surrounding villages and hamlets of Najafabad. The members of the Islamic Society have also consulted and alerted the residents not to pay any attention to such teaching efforts.

It should be added that on the eve of 24 Mordad 1322 [16 August 1943]—which coincided with the birth of Imam Hojjat[1], peace be upon Him—the whole Najafabad bazaar was lit up by Muslims for this festive celebration. With the district manager and two gendarmes, we visited various venues of these celebrations, where no incidents of significance occurred. During the whole period, all the law enforcement officers carried on their duties in the area.  Upon the return of the first lieutenant of the force, Najafabad’s chief of public security, I returned to Isfahan in the late afternoon of 26 Mordad 1322 [18 August 1943].


The 4th Sheriff and Central 1st Lieutenant of the National Guard

[Stamped and signed]


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[1] The 12th Imam of Shiah