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The Ministry of the Interior

Office: Political

Unit: ---

Dated: 23 Khordad 1313 [13 June 1934]

Number: 493/238

Enclosure: ----


Your Excellency, The Honourable Prime Minister, may your glory be everlasting

 According to the report from the governor of Kerman, Seyyed Mohammad, known as Sultan-ul-Vaezin [king of the orators], went to Sirjan from Kermanshahan at the beginning of Moharram and vilified the Zoroastrian and other religions from the pulpit. The speeches of the above-mentioned instigated religious prejudices and there was the fear that some unexpected incidents might occur. The aforementioned preacher was warned by the Sirjan police to leave Sirjan immediately. Following his departure, the businessmen of Sirjan closed their shops. As soon as the news of the shop closures reached us, the governor personally went with the chief of police to Sirjan. As soon as the governor entered Sirjan, the closures [of shops] terminated, and the businesspersons resumed their work. The few who were the instigators and cause of the dispute were sent to exile from Sirjan, and peace and security were established.

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Dated: 23 Khordad 1313 [13 June 1934]

Number: 1863

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[Date:] 23 Khordad 1313 [3 June 1934]

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23 Khordad 1313 [3 June 1934]

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14 – 1/4