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Copy of the Declaration of Abadeh Governorate


[Date:] 4 Khordad 1334 [26 May 1955]

[Number:] 32




We hereby inform the residents of the city of Abadeh, that keeping law and order, general peace in the community and preventing any kind of disorder and demonstration has been repeatedly discussed at the Governorate meetings and it is of the exclusive duty of the disciplinary authorities, who apply the utmost alertness to observe the application of general law and order. Therefore, it is brought to the your attention that everybody is to strongly desist from holding any kind of meeting or taking actions contrary to the related law and order, otherwise the perpetrators will be arrested by the disciplinary authorities and according to the Committee for Social Safety they will be prosecuted under the law. It is expected that parents will be fully aware of their children’s actions and will prevent them of participating in the gatherings. Otherwise, the parents will be held responsible.


Governor of the city of Abadeh, Eftekhari


This is a true copy of the original document