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A nine verse poetry that has been written by one of the imprisoned Baha’is of Shiraz.  As the poetry suggests, his execution order has already been issued.  His name is Habibollah Ouji and his pen name is “Nabet”.


Early Mordad 1361 [July 1982]


Happy is the moment when the bullet targets my heart

Alas for me if destiny takes its time


The puppet show of this world is of no worth

To stop me from my journey of love


The sighs of the long suffering lovers have such power

From it the kingdom of love will conquer the world


Such struggles on this dangerous path and my heart

Keeps begging my soul and will not let go


Love makes every old one young and every young,

Becomes old from the pain of separation from its beloved


The thirsty are running in search of water but

The lover burning with the midnight sigh of love, gives up the life


Have had a dream and so hope that in no time

It comes true and the beloved will make peace


The heartless has condemned me to death

Lest the moment come late


If Nabet cries out “I am truth” like Mansour[1]

It behoves him to be called an infidel by this society



[1] [Mansur al-Hallaj (c. 858 – 26 March 922) was a Persian mystic, poet and teacher of Sufism. He is best known for his saying: "I am the Truth" (Ana 'l-Ḥaqq), which many saw as a claim to divinity.]