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[A poetry from esteemed Habibollah Ouji]


We’ve learned refreshing from the wind of Zephyr

We’ve learned affectedness from the chaff and current


Steadfastness from the shoes and distinction from the hat

We’ve learned warmness and renouncing from the cloak


The way of obedience from rosary and aid from the cane

We’ve learned concealing entirely from the cloak


From the gold purity, from the mirror enlightened mind

We’ve learned attraction and power from the magnet


The essence of magnanimity from Solomon, the honour of self from Karim

We’ve learned the virtuous reputation from the Messenger of the City of Saba


Generosity from the clouds and diffusion of perfume from the rose

We’ve learned to be a lover from the five member of Family of Aba [Mohammad]


The way of servitude from the school of Abdu’l-Baha

We have learned it too from families and the people of Baha


In place of punishment of the people of the world

We’ve learned thousands of benediction and praise


At the school of the world, except the lesson of love

We’ve learned O Ouji, every other science as perished dust