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Miyon Lubar Company

[Registration Number:] 245

(Mechanised animal husbandry, agriculture)


Date: 25 Mehr 1394 [17 October 2015]




In the Name of God, the Forgiver, the Merciful


Respected Head of Agricultural Jihad Organization of the Province of Semnan,


Greetings, courtesy and respect:


I, Ziaollah Motearefi, general manager of the Mechanised Animal Husbandry Agro-industrial Company of Miyon Lubar, submit that on Thursday, 23 Mehr 1394 [15 October 2015], Mr. Moradi, together with other esteemed officials and the respected representative of the Public [Prosecutor], arrived at the Miyon Lubar Farm in order to take action on the issued orders. I never imagined that they would come in that condition, because two days ago Mr. Moradi had told me, during a telephone conversation, to go to the [office of the] organization on Thursday at 8:30 in the morning, in order to speak about the farm and other building documents.


On Tuesday, to follow up on the matter, my wife took the written declaration dated 19 Mehr 1394 [11 October 2015] using the code number 13942204839934-15, [to the office] where Mr. Moradi had reiterated that our meeting [would take place]. [He had said to her, “I told Mr. Motearefi to come [to the office] on Thursday at 8:30 to talk.” On the appointed date, 23 Mehr 1394 [15 October 2015] at 8:15 in the morning I was at the organization, where he had told me, “You go and we will come!!!” He did not come. You are certainly aware of the matter. Mr Mir-Emad, for more than 20 years, I have been engaged in this establishment, which has agricultural, mechanised animal husbandry and agro-industry. In how many hours can I vacate the establishment? We requested, we pleaded and we kindly asked him to give us respite. He said, “It is not up to me; the representative of the Public Prosecutor is present, tell him about it!” I said, “Mr. Moradi, you had said, ‘Let us prepare a video from the farm so that while we are observing and investigating the location of the building and farm, [we can] determine the area of 3552 m², and then sit together and talk.’” He answered, “Well, we have come now, let us talk.”


Within the yard, there are five units of workers’ accommodation plus health facilities, in utmost simplicity and very ordinary. These rooms are not [included in] the documents of the building’s 3552 m². There was too much pressure on the tired workers who had just ended their daily work to vacate these rooms.  They did not know what to do, and how to gather the means, [so they] left everything in the yard. The workers begged, saying, “We do not have a place to sleep tonight. Our children go to school. Please give us the opportunity to transfer [them to another school]. In order to go to the Province of Golestan, we need to find transport.” All the pleas were useless. He told me “You had ten days and you should have evacuated the place.” I said, “Even if we had had 100 days, we still needed more time. First, the documentation about the place of the building should be given to me, the [matter of the] road [needs] to be clarified, the situation of water and electricity [is] to be determined, [I need] to know where the [new] property is and its standing, and then we can start to evacuate.”


They brought workers with a number of Nissan [trucks] and started to collect all the equipment from the yard. They used heavy machinery; during the moving process, they shattered one Romanian electric engine [illegible]. There are different tractors, movers, etc., on the agricultural land in the open area, and parts of agricultural and agro-husbandry machinery; can I evacuate all within a few hours?!! Where should I take them? By drawing a red line in front of the forage storage, they closed it off. Do we not need a truck and other moving equipment to move the forage and cattle? Where is their entrance and exit?! The truck needs to [be able to] turn around in the yard.


Please send experienced professionals to skilfully bring this matter to an end. Then give us time to get the crops on the trees (pistachios, pomegranates, olives) harvested. Once the matter of the road for mechanised agro-husbandry is prepared, I will get all the cattle and all the livestock away. At the end of the day, when Mr. Moradi was under pressure and was busy installing a lock on the door of the engine room of the irrigation system, I asked him, “If you lock this place, how are we going to have access to water?” He asked, “Do you use this as drinking water?” I said, “Yes, sir.” He kindly permitted the engine to work for a short time and [we were able] to get some water into the tank. After locking the door, I realized that the electricity had been cut off. Again, I said, “Mr. Moradi, why did you cut off the electricity?” He said, “Do you get your electricity from here?” I said yes. In any case, they connected the electricity and locked the engine room and left. Any moment, the water tank will be empty. What should I do?


Mr. Mir-Emadi, please come to my rescue. I adjure you, this holy month, to please do something. At the time when everyone is remembering the Lord of the Martyrs, and giving away food and water for charity, does the respected Agricultural Jihad Organization close off the water in the faces of the servants of God?!!


With my thanks and appreciation,

Motearefi [signature]

[Official Stamp]

Agricultural, Agro mechanised Husbandry of Miyon Lubar Ltd. Reg. 245


[Handwritten note at the end of the page]

In the Name of God

Respected Manager of Land Affairs,


While acting accordingly on the decision of the Justice Department, find a way to facilitate for a short and determined time, the mentioned person to be able to harvest his crop.


26 Mehr 1394 [18 October 2015]


[Official stamp with number and date]

Registered at the office of Agricultural Jihad of the Province of Semnan

Number 9/94/1/10173

[Date:] 26 Mehr 1394 [18 October 2015]

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