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Ministry of Posts, Telegraph, and Telephone



From Abadeh to T [Tehran]; Receipt Number 5003; Registration Number 92; Number of words 105; Date of the original 18 Bahman  [8 February]; date received 19 Bahman [1326] [9 February 1948]


Mr. Prime Minister,

Copy to Minister of Education, Tehran

At a time when freedom of religion is claimed and accepted by all people and countries around the world, in the sacred country of Iran, which once was the centre of knowledge on the globe, it has been three months since my son, Ataollah Sabet, was expelled from Isfahan University and prevented from higher education because of being a Baha’i.  I am amazed that my repeated appeals have not produced any results.  I sincerely beseech Your Honour, who is open to every culture, to order an end to be brought to the untenable situation of my son, and that they accept him back into the university.  I wait for your kind attention.


Khalil Sabet, Abadeh


[Margin 1:] [Stamp: Telegraph Office of Tehran]

[Margin 2:] [Stamp: Received at the Office of Prime Minister, number 21907, Date: 21 Bahman 1326 [11 February 1948]

[Margin 3:] A written inquiry was made to the Ministry of the Interior.