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[Arabic verse][1]


His Eexcellency , the Great Clerics and my distinguished Army Associates; I would like to inform you that  my name is Seyyed Hosein Vahdat-i-Hagh, a retired colonel and engineer, who believes in the Baha’i Faith and confesses to the truth of all divine prophets of God and all the heavenly divine books. As His Holiness the Messenger of God in the Quran states: “We make no distinction between any of His Messengers.”[2]

The venerable clerics and esteemed military and military officials know best [Arabic verse][3].

This humble servant is Seyyed Hosein, son of Seyyed Mohammad and a descendant of Imam Hosein. I have spent about thirty-three years of my life, including my youth in pursuing an academic, engineering and military education in the army in order to serve my blessed country of Iran—God willing, with utmost honesty and sincerity I wish that Iran will become the City of God, the Point of Adoration of the world and the pilgrimage for all the people of the world. But now that I am old, worn out, sick, and crippled, I have been deprived of receiving my legal pension due to my religious beliefs, despite living under the Islamic government of justice. It is three years since I retired and have become disabled receiving treatment because of two heart attacks and once, a gastric bleed.

Dear religious and Muslim leaders and rulers, I am the breadwinner for my wife and my three student children. My children are studying in higher academic centres in Germany and Venezuela and are looking forward to coming back to their country in order to render service. By terminating my legal retirement pay, my children’s educations and their livelihood will be harmed.

Are  those guiding the path of truth and religion in Iran and who believe in the explicit hadiths [traditions] of the true Prophet who said, [Arabic verse][4] or [Arabic verse][5] or [Arabic verse][6], are they satisfied in their own consciences, to cut off the  education of my children and the means of subsistence of this disabled old man and his wife, for unjust and baseless reasons and whose crime is acknowledging God and following the noble verses of the Holy Quran that says, “if an evildoer brings you any news, verify ‘it’”[7], … and “As for those who struggle in Our cause, We will surely guide them along Our Way.”[8] I have always searched for and am still an investigator of the path of God and always pray, “Guide us along the Straight Path”[9].

Distinguished gentlemen and leaders of peace, based on the saying [Arabic verse][10], I have been a member of the Baha’i Administration, which is one of the sacred Religions of God, and have never acted against the sacred law of Islam, the government or the rule of law of the Islamic Republic of Iran. God willing, I will never do so in the future.

This humble servant is honoured to be a Muslim [son], Seyyed and a military man of Iran. If being a Muslim is being a person, who by his actions and words is at peace then I am a Muslim. In the same way, if being a true Baha’i is having all the human virtues, then this humble servant will do his best to be the example of a Baha’i, who has all the human virtues.  

But if by Baha’i you mean someone who is a spy for the aliens, or a Zionist, meaning an agent of Imperialism, … I am not that Baha’i and will accurse all the Baha’is who are spies, Zionists and agents of Imperialism.

By conveying my greetings and salutations to all true Muslims, I appeal to your Islamic and humanitarian principles to order the reinstatement of my retirement salaries.

With greetings

The retired colonel and engineer Seyyed Hosein Vahdat-i-Hagh


1 Mordad 1359 - 10 Ramadan 1400 [23 July 1980]



[1] [The original text is as follows:

”‎الله اکبر من کل کبیر، الله اعظم من کل عظیم، الله ابهی من کل بهی، الله اعلم من کل علیم، اشهد ان لا اله الا الله، اشهد ان محمد ص رسول الله [

[2] [Quran 2:285] https://quran.com/2?startingVerse=285

[3] [The original text is as follows: “الملک یبقی مع الکفر و لایبقی مع الظلم”]

[4] [The original text is as follows: “اطلبوا العلم ولو بالصین”]

[5] [The original text is as follows: “‎اطلبوا العلم من المهد الی اللحد”]

[6] [The original text is as follows: “‎من علمنی حرفاً فقد سیرنی عبداً”]

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[10] [The original text is as follows: “اینذّره بیمقدار بمصداق النجاة فی‌الصدق”]