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In the Name of the Most High


Date: 20 Aban 1386 [11 November 2007]

Number: 364

Enclosure: -----


From: The Union of Photographers, Printers, Cameramen and Portrait-Makers of Rafsanjan

To:  The person in charge of Jadou Photography business unit

Mr. Payman Faghan, son of Jalal, and Mrs. Solmaz Hashemi Dehaj, daughter of Ezzatollah:  According to order 2954/14/3/014/66, dated 17 Aban 1386 [8 November 2007], issued by the Public Intelligence and National Security Force of Rafsanjan, you are requested, owing to your ineligibility to work in these professions, to prepare to close your business within 10 days.


Head of the Union of Photographers, Cameramen, and Portrait-Makers

Seyyed Ali Mousavi [Signature]

[Official stamp]

[Personal stamp of Seyyed Ali Mousavi]

20 Aban 1386 [11 November 2007]


[Address provided]