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Islamic Republic of Iran

Health Ministry

Date: 18/4/1363 [9 July 1984]

Number [illegible]

Enclosure -----


To: Regional Health Organization – Province of Tehran

From: Supervisory Head Office, Medicine and Medical Equipment

Subject: Naheed Nou Pharmacy

Referring to number 1/9975 dated 7/4/1363 [28 June 1984] we advise:

Regarding Clause 1, generally the Legal Committee for Pharmacy Affairs does not recommend pharmacy liquidations, but [in this case] believes the matter should be referred to the Courts for final determination.

Regarding Clause 2, and in the matter related to Baha’i sect, the investor is not approved and it is recommended that the pharmacy be transferred to a qualified person (if a deal can be finalized).

Also note that letter number 5/62/5/912D from this head office, dated 3/3/1363 [24 May 1984], was takes into consideration the difficulties that the organization is facing and should not be ignored.

Dr. Mortaza Azarnoush

Director General, Supervisory Office for Medicine and Medical Equipment


18/4/1363 [9 July 1984]

[official stamp with number]