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The Grand Ayatollah, Mr. Yazdi, respected Head of the Judiciary in Tehran

Copy to: the Grand Ayatollah Mr. Reyshari, Public Prosecutor of the Iranian Islamic Republic in Tehran


Respectfully, I the owner of Sim and Sorb [company], title number 3/257213 situated in the Khormuj County left that county prior to the Revolution owing to my unemployment. I went to Khorramshahr and started to work in that city.  As a result of the war imposed by Iraq on Iran, I lost my home and my lifetime possessions in Khorramshahr and subsequently went to Bushehr with my family then returned to Khormuj to reside there. I became aware that the authorities of the Document Registration Office under orders from Mr. Sheikh Hassan [illegible] who was then in charge of the Bushehr Foundation for the Poor and despite the fact that he did not know me personally, nor was he privy to my circumstances, my religion and faith, and regardless of the fact that I am an Iranian citizen and my ancestors have all been residing in Khormuj and owned land had transferred my home to the Foundation. In the 60 years I have lived in Iran I do not recall having ever committed any act of treachery towards my home country, nor have I disobeyed the orders and the laws of the respected Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Government, nor have I committed a crime.  For 10 years now I have been homeless and am renting in Shiraz. I must say that we have repeatedly heard from the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary authorities that no one in Iran would be persecuted as a result of their religious belief.  Alas, the authorities of the Khormuj Bushehr Foundation for the Poor have completely ignored the statements of the Islamic Republic’s authorities and despite the regulations and circulars pertaining to the registration of titles, have treated my official title deed with total disregard and have unlawfully transferred my property to others.

I now request that the necessary action be ordered so as to reinstate my rights and cancel the titles that have been issued and invalidate the transactions that have been carried out in respect to my properties and declare to the Khormuj Document Registration Office the validity of my official title deed and prosecute the offenders.

With regards-Ali Habibi


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25/1/1369 [14 April 1990] - 7