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General number: ----

Private number: ----

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Dossier: ----



Ministry of the Interior

The Governorate of Isfahan

Office: ----

Branch: ----


Type of minute: ----

Subject of minute: ----

Attachment: Recent correspondence

Transcribed by: ----

Date of transcription: ---- Month ----

Date of registration: ---- Month ----

Transcription date: 11 Bahman 1307 [31 January 1929]

Exit date: ---- 1307 [1929]


Deputy Governorate of Lenjan,

As per a recent complaint, there is an individual by the name of Seyyed Mohammad in the District of Lenjan who has become the source of agitation, and on the pretext of preventing the use of the Pahlavi hat, has acted aggressively against some of the inhabitants. It is necessary to thoroughly investigate the matter and seriously prevent any kind of gathering that would lead to sedition and atrocity. Report back the full description of the cause of the trouble.