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Date: 10 Esfand 1328 [1 March 1950]

Number: 49385

Enclosure -----


Ministry of Justice

Main office of the Ministry

Department: -----


His Excellency the Prime Minister,

In response to letter number 1929/4 – [dated] 29 Bahman 1328 [18 February 1950] regarding the murder of Dr. Berjis in Kashan, I would like to convey that, after the murder occurred and the related report was received, it was emphasized in a telegram to Kashan’s public prosecutor that the prosecution of the perpetrators, completion of the case, issuance of a final decision and an indictment, should be expedited. According to a report which has been received in a telegram, the case against the main defendants is complete now, and the prepared indictment will soon be sent to the criminal court with the defendants. The investigations about the instigators of the incident is also being conducted. M

From the Ministry of Justice



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No action is required at this time.


11 Esfand 1328 [2 March 1950]


11 Esfand [2 March]