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Islamic Republic of Iran

Office of the Prosecutor of Islamic Revolution, Gorgan


In the name of God


Date: 25/08/62 [16 November 1983]


Enclosure: ……

To: Islamic Revolutionary Guards, Gorgan- 1-T

Subject: Property of the perverse Baha'i sect


In regards to  number 3/23-20-497 dated 21/08/62 [12 November 1983] and according to the  respected Sharia Judge of the Islamic Republic Court of Gorgan, it is permissible to confiscate the property of the members of the Assembly, as their association with the House of Justice and Israel is undeniable. It is appropriate to both make a list, and to surrender the hoarded assets and discovered books to this Prosecutor’s Office.


On behalf of Ali-Akbar Arab

Office of the Prosecutor of Islamic Revolution, Gorgan

[Signature on the official stamp]


[Stamp: indexed]

[Administrative stamp]

Entered the office of secretariats Revolutionary Gard of Gorgan

Record number [illegible]

Executor Intelligence

Entrance date 25/08/62 [16 November 1983]

History …….