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In the Name of God



Islamic Republic of Iran

Office of the Prosecutor of the Islamic Revolution of Gorgan

Date: 25 Aban 1362 [16 November 1983]

Number: 14416

Enclosure: -----


To: Gorgan Islamic Revolutionary Guards - 1-T

Subject: Properties of the members of the perverse Baha’i sect

Reference to number 3/23 20 497 dated 21 Aban 1362 [12 November 1983], according to the verdict of the Gorgan Sharia judge of the Islamic Revolutionary Court, confiscation of properties of the members of [illegible] whose loyalty to the Universal House of Justice and Israel has been confirmed is permitted.  It is required that a list of the confiscated books be sent to the Office of the Public Prosecutor.

Ali Akbar Arab

Gorgan Public Prosecutor’s Office

[Signature over official stamp]


[Stamp] Indexed

[Official stamp with number and date]

Recorded in the Office of the Secretariat of the Gorgan Revolutionary Guards

Registration Number 6 Recorded By: Ettelaat

Registration Date: 25 Aban 1362 [16 November 1983]