[Translator’s notes appear in square brackets]

[Personal information has been redacted.]


[Handwritten note at the margin of the page]

Copy of the envelope containing letter from prison

Farhang Mavaddat, Evin Prison, Ward One

[Official stamp:] Inspected


By Mr. Beladi

Attention Mrs. Mottahedin

Legal and Judicial Office of Iranian Customs Administration

[Islamic Republic of] Iran Customs Administration [IRICA]

Across from Atlantic Movie Theatre

Mosaddegh Street

[Handwritten note at the margin of the page]

Copy of Burial Permission

Facsimile No. -----

Date:  2/4/1360 [23 June 1981]


Judiciary of the Islamic Republic of Iran


Islamic Revolutionary Court

Number 2936

Evin Prison

Burial Permit

As per this permit, burial of newborn/child/female/male Farhang, born to Fazlollah, surname Mavaddat, age 45, who died due to execution by firing squad, on 1/4/1360 [22 June 1981], is authorized.

Name and surname of coroner

[Name illegible]

[Official stamp]

Signature [signature]

Medical Unit No.