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In the Name of God

Ministry of Jihad-i-Sazandegi[1]

State Forest and Rangeland Organization

Head Office of Natural Resources and Watershed of Semnan Province


Number: 444/5886

Date: 10 Mordad 1378 [1 August 1999]

Enclosure: -----


Respected Watershed Management of Department of Jihad[-i-Sazandegi]


Respectfully, with reference to the letter number 1200/21137/M/A, 26 Khordad 1378 [16 June 1999] I, would like to bring to your attention, in accordance with the visit and the attached plan, that the construction of the desired earth dams in Dez Gereh rangeland is permitted by this Head Office.

Amir Mohammadzadeh

Director General of Natural Resources of Semnan Province




[1] Ministry of Jihad-i-Sazandegi:  Is responsible for animal, fishery and poultry production, as well as forest and pasture management.]