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[Personal information has been redacted.]


Assistant to Personnel Office, NZAJA[i], Officers’ Personnel

Head of ABOB AJA(Retirement Department)


11 Mordad 1359 [2 August 1980]

Retired Lieutenant Colonel Azizollah Ahmadian

Reference to SR701-03-37 [dated] 1 Mehr 1358 [23 September 1979]


The above-mentioned officer who has been retired since 6 Mehr 1358 [28 September 1979] in accordance with the Single Act of the Officer’s Retirement Act approved in 16 Mehr 1343 [8 October 1964], has reported that his pension has been discontinued because of his Bahaism ideology.

Please order to take appropriate action regarding his report and notify us of the result as there is no record at this Office regarding this matter.

For the Manager of the Personnel Office, NZAJA- Colonel Rafie Moghaddam



Secretariat of NZAJA Headquarters, re number 701-03-5 [dated] 4 Mordad 1359 [26 July 1980] for information

Lieutenant Colonel Azizollah Ahmadian )address [redacted]) please present yourself to the Retirement and Insurance Department of the Armed Forces regarding the termination of your pension.











[i] Ground Armed Forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran