Payman Sobhani

Born: 1971, Sistan and Balouchestan

Murdered in Saravan, Sistan and Balouchestan on 28th April 1986


Payman Sobhani was born into a Baha’i family.  There is little known about his childhood; however, his family were pioneers in Sistan and Balouchestan for 25 years and ran a small shop.

On 28 April 1986 a man entered the family shop and purchased some carpet wool.  He requested Payman’s father, Rouhol-Amin, to assist him with delivering the goods to a nearby place.  Payman joined his father and the three proceeded in the family van towards the location.  On the way the man instructed Rouhol-Amin to stop for two of his friends who were along the roadside.  Soon after stopping, the men, who were armed, demanded the keys of the van.  They took possession of the vehicle and drove Rouhol-Amin and Payman into the wilderness.  They then tied up their hands and blindfolded them.  A fourth man appeared. The men, while keeping Payman at a distance, viciously beat his father and threw him off the mountain’s edge.  Some 18 hours later, Rouhol-Amin was discovered by a truck driver and was taken to hospital.  Payman was nowhere to be found.  Two days later police discovered his body in a field, his hands and feet were strapped together and his body was brutally slashed and beaten.  He was only 15 years old.


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