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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Newspaper:] Payam-e Shahid

[Date:] 31-5-1358 [22 August 1979]

[Number:]  17

Page: 1


If ignorance and being influenced goes so far that those who seek justice and their leaders are in danger, and the banner of God and the descendants of Ali is to be subverted, there is, then, no difference between negligence and fault, and firm action is required….In sensitive matters related to the Revolution, being negligent is equal to inflicting harm on the Revolution….. If the intellectual foundation of individuals such as Engineer Bazargan was gained during his studies in Paris and from the failed Western democracy, and if he does not even realize that Western democracy is no more than a tactic for deceiving the oppressed and deprived, and nothing more than the means for stupefying the masses for the purpose of ever more domination of capitalism and the reign of the dollar and the pound sterling… and assuming that after his return to Iran after Shahrivar of 20 [August/September 1941], his feelings and commitment to Islam have been the cause of some service… [We do not forget that] during the time of Prime Minister Dr. Mossadeq, individuals such as Engineer Bazargan continuously encouraged the university students to refrain from interfering in political matters; through this action, he was practically creating the intellectual basis for anti-Baha’i organizations [initiated by] people like Mr. Halabi…