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In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful


Date: 6 Shahrivar 1390 [28 August 2011]


Honorable Head of the Supervisory Commission of Alborz Province,


Subject: Requesting investigation by your honourable commission to break the seal placed on my business, and notification of the result in writing.


With great respect, as you know, about three years ago my business premises were illegally sealed by the decree of the Provincial Council of Nazarabad and Public Places Supervision Office due my religious beliefs. As a result of this action, my family and I have suffered irreparable financial loss. Therefore, at first I would like to state that the sealing of my business premises is merely because of my beliefs.


  1. In Your Excellency’s opinion, why, one year after my business premises were sealed, was I arrested and imprisoned by the Ministry of Intelligence agents in Karaj and charged with acting against the national security of the country by engaging in propaganda in favour of the Baha’i religion? What was the necessity of arresting and imprisoning me and sealing my business premises under pretext of supposedly enforcing the law [?] [Or was it] to conceal the real motive of violating my citizenship rights by alleging that I did not have a permit from the Health Department and while according to the judgment of the judiciary system, attached, I was exonerated of the charges[1][?].


  1. About one-and-a-half years after my business premises were sealed in Nazarabad, the business premises of my father-in-law, by the name of Noor Optical Wear, in Shahin Villa, was sealed by the Ministry of Intelligence agents in Karaj. After two months, he was arrested and imprisoned. The point that is important in this regard is that one of the charges brought by the Ministry of Intelligence agents against my father-in-law, as you can see in the attached defence statement of his lawyer, is the charge of giving financial aid to his son-in-law for the purpose of having his sealed business premises in Nazarabad reopened. This charge proves that sealing the business premises of the Baha’is in Nazarabad is not because of not having permits from the Health Department but is for the purpose of putting economic pressure on the Baha’is, and, of course, by falsely charging financial aid from my father-in-law.  This goal was defeated, and after suffering more than four months of imprisonment, according to the judgment attached, my father-in-law was exonerated and freed by the Appeals Court of [Alborz] Province, and by the order of the Judiciary his business premises,  Noor Optical Wear, was unsealed by the Ministry of Intelligence agents.


  1. The third point, which is of great significance, is whether any legislation has been passed by the parliament about revocation of licences for optical shops issued by the Ministry of the Interior. Of course, the answer is no. Therefore, considering that at present there are four optical shops in the Nazarabad that are open and their licences are the same as mine, issued by the Ministry of the Interior, and have the same business licence from the relevant trade union, and my other colleagues in Karaj and the suburbs are working with the same business licences, I request the issuance of a business licence and removal of the seal on my business premises.


  1. The Public Places Supervision Office has been aware for three years that four optical wear shops in their region do not have licences from the Health Department. It is important to note that one of them, about one year ago, commenced its business with a Technical and Vocational Training Organization certificate and obtained a business licence from the trade union. This demonstrates that the authorities do not apply the same [criteria] to all their cases, and it has only been applied to me at the whole national level.  The order of Branch 3 of the Court of [Administrative] Justice clearly indicates that the Health Department of Nazarabad has not issued any orders to seal any of the relevant optical shops. Once again, this order shows that the motive for sealing the business premises of three citizens is that they are Baha’is, and this situation continues.


  1. In the orders issued by the the Court of [Administrative] Justice, it is noteworthy that they have only acquitted the Public Places Supervision Office and the Health Department and have not paid any attention to the licences issued by the Ministry of the Interior for the optical shops.


Therefore, with reference to the above points, in a letter dated 24 Mordad 1390 [15 August 2011] that I have already written to the respected director of the Department of Commerce of the Province of Alborz, a copy of which is attached, I would like to request your honourable Supervisory Commission to investigate my case.


With many thanks,

Payam Wali



Date: 6 Shahrivar 1390 [28 August 2011]

Telephone: [redacted]


  1. Copy of the letter dated 24 Mordad 1390 [15 August 2011] that I wrote to the director of the Department of Commerce of the Province of Alborz.
  2. Copy of my letter to the Public Places Supervision Office of Nazarabad, dated 9 Bahman 1389

[29 January 2011], regarding legal and social rights of the Baha’i citizens in the Constitution of Iran and Office of the Supreme Leader.

  1. The order of Branch 3 of the Court of [Administrative] Justice.        
  2. Writ of Non-Prosecution order.
  3. Appeal decision from Alborz Province [Court of Appeal].
  4. Certification of no criminal records from the Judiciary
  5. Affidavit from local residents
  6. Defence statement of [my] lawyer in the Islamic Revolutionary Court of Justice.
  7. Licences for optical shops, trimming and repairing glasses.
  8. Business permit from 1381 [2002/2003] to 1394 [2015/2016]






[1] [Vague sentence]