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[Date:] 9 Bahman 1391 [28 January 2013]


In the Name of God


Esteemed Head of the Security Council of the City of Nazarabad


With respect, I, Payam Vali, am in charge of an optical shop in the City of Nazarabad, which has been sealed for the last five years, in relation to the decision of Branch 3 of the Court of Administrative Justice, dated 25 Dey 1391 [14 January 2013], regarding file number 9008980900002800, in which [I am the applicant and] the Health Department Network of the City of Nazarabad is the defendant. During the hearing, the representative of the health authorities was questioned regarding [refusal to] issue the subject [work] permit, and it  became clear that the Health Department Network was enforcing the orders dated 12 Ordibehesht 1390 [2 May 2011] and 11 Khordad 1390 [1 June 2011] of the Security Council of the City of Nazarabad, and [the Health Department Network ] has refrained from issuing such a permit for the optician who was nominated by [me] the applicant (Payam Vali) [because of that order]. Therefore, I am kindly inquiring on what legal grounds did the Security Council decide to decline to approve the optician’s permit application, which was made to the Health Department Network for my nominated optician?


With deep appreciation,


Payam Vali, 9 Bahman 1391 [29 January 2013]

Communication Number: [redacted]