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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Newspaper:] Payam

[Date:] 24 Ordibehesht [1334] [14 May 1955]

[Issue No:] 32


The Proposed Bill of Mr. Seyyed Ahmad Safaie Regarding the Baha’is, the Speaker of the National Consultative Assembly

For some time, Iran has been afflicted by a population of troublemakers who, under the pretence of religion, have risen up against the Muslim people of Iran and its territorial integrity, using different means to deviate people from the path of moral soundness and chastity, and the religious axis of theism. They do not refrain from committing any crime to promote their ominous objectives. 

Numerous files exist in the judicial system on the murders, acts of sedition, and historical crimes of this population. There are confirmatory documents to show they have been assisting foreigners to break down the country. During the recent years, when the situation in the country has been in disarray and the provocateurs and adventurous elements found freedom of action, this population has increased its boldness and activities, and has deranged the security of our society by breaking down the traditions and religious rites, and [demonstrating] opposition to religion and theism.

Leaders of our community feel the continuation of this situation is against the best interest of our people. At this time, when, by the guidance of the Muslim and loving King of Kings, order and discipline have been established, the intentions of the Iranian people have been conveyed to His Royal Majesty, and fortunately, like most important social matters, have been the subject of his attention; the disciplinary officers have acted according to their national and religious duties. We, the undersigned, while emphasizing that the actions of the disciplinary officers are approved by the National Consultative Assembly, offer with triple urgency the proposal below, consisting of four articles, to eradicate the source of corruption. We urge the nation’s representatives who are interested in the nationality and establishment of security and preservation of the Islamic standards to ratify them.

Article 1 – The corrupt population of Babis and their affiliated Azalis and Baha’is, are declared as illegal and against the national security.

Article 2 – From now on, membership in this group and allegiance or connection to them, in whatever manner, would be a crime, and perpetrators would be sentenced to solitary confinement for two to ten years and be deprived of all civil rights.

Article 3 – The immovable properties pertaining to the gatherings and organizations affiliated with this group, or income earned from [those], used for the affairs related to this group, would be transferred to the Ministry of Culture, so that they can be used for the establishment of educational organizations to promote religious and theistic principles.

Article 4 – Individuals from this group who are serving in the government and government-affiliated units will be expelled as of this date, and will never be covered under the Employment Act.