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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Newspaper:] Payam-e Azadi

[Date:] 30 Dey 1360 [20 January 1982]

[Page:] 3


Killing of Baha’is Again

On Saturday afternoon, 19 Dey [1360] [9 January 1982], around two thousand noble and bereaved individuals gathered in the Pacific Ballroom of the Los Angeles Hilton Hotel to mourn the death of humanity in Iran.

Most of them were Iranian women, men and youths who have suffered great injustice for 130 years, and although they believe in monotheism, according to the teachings of Baha’u’llah, [their Prophet-founder], have been subject to persecution, torture, execution and loss. And now, following the fall of Iran, and [under] the domination of a handful of adventurous, criminal, blood-thirsty and uncultured people, their precious lives have been taken, most of which are exemplary in terms of their education and scholarship. These ignoble and despicable people who commit these heinous crimes neither know God nor have a trait called conscience rooted within them to frighten them as to how long they want to continue this bloodshed and slaughter, and what will be the result?

If they think that they [Baha’is] would abandon their faith and beliefs (like the clergy who change colour every moment), that is impossible. They have seen and experienced it multiple times; they are faithful and committed believers, and even death would not deter their resolve. And if they plan to kill all the Baha’is in Iran in order to annihilate their religion, not only is that impossible, but it is also a wrong path, since we have observed in several publications that millions from the white, the black, the red and the yellow [racial] populations across five continents of the world have joined Baha’ism, and a number whom we saw in the memorial gatherings for those who had recently been executed. Several American media representatives who were present will make sure this Iranian call for justice will be heard by the whole world. [When the Baha’is] were interviewed, they said Iran is their point of adoration, where [His Holiness] the Bab appeared and brought the glad tidings of a new Revelation to His followers.

The events of the last 137 years in Iran show that during different periods, and since the time of the Qajar kings, when all the pillars of the government were controlled by the clergy, up to now, the more pressures were put on the Baha’is, and the more injustice and oppression they faced, the stronger their beliefs became; even to the point where a vast number of people were so touched by their absolute submission and sacrifice in the path of their faith, that they joined them. In spite of the extreme pressure the clergy put on the Baha’is to recant their faith and escape death, whether young or old, they preferred to die rather than live a life of shame and submission.

This time, the Islamic murderers and blood-thirsty clergy took the lives of 15 of the most outstanding Iranians within eight days; all of whom were doctors and engineers, prominent and educated individuals who had chosen to live in the barren land of ignorance [on the part] of the clerics, so as to build a better Iran. In order to become familiar with the thoughts and beliefs of these sacrificial souls, we now quote a part of Jinous Mahmoudi’s letter, written to her children only a few days before her death, which was read at the memorial gathering:

“My children, my Mana, Mona and Tini, oh, it has been so long since I wrote to you, for which I am sorry. But I am proud that my insignificant being and my worthless time, which used to be valued [in terms of] money, is now spent for what cannot be measured by any amount of money, gold or material means. How I wish I could sit with you and tell you about what is going on.

Well, my children, we are living in precious times, which bring us peculiar feelings, this inexplicable life in which you are not sure what will happen next―those moments when you leave your home and have to be very careful, as you never know what is in store for you―those long hours when you sit with the friends, not knowing whether there will be an end to it or not, but you totally forget the world!

Last weekend, I spent 2 ½ hours with the imprisoned friends of Hamadan, in their room, where being in prison was the farthest feeling you may have. It felt like I was in the most magnificent party. In their calm and smiling faces, you could see contentment and submission to His will. You would not believe that they were in confinement. Their room is clean and tidy, all their beddings neatly wrapped, leaning against the wall; the blankets were spread on the floor. They offered tea and sweets. They have made the most exquisite and artful handicrafts. You would not believe that those people, who, when they were out, had absolutely no time, and now are in anticipation of an unknown destiny or death, have created such art and beauty. It takes such magnanimity and potency of faith to do that. I felt myself worthless in comparison to their grandeur.

It is as a result of these individuals that such transformations have occurred in the world. We, outside, have not achieved anything; the achievements belong to them, to those whom we have not seen, nor do we know where they are, but we feel their presence.

My children, I feel the presence of your dad. He is very close. I feel his presence with my sixth, seventh or tenth sense. I don’t know, but he is here. I feel the presence of others, too. I even sometimes feel, on a given day, whether they are happy or sad. Today, I feel Dad is very bored. I feel he is saying, why is nothing happening and why are they not receiving news from anywhere?

Sometimes I feel it is my turn too, and why not? The only reason for not is if His will changes the destiny in another way. My feeling is absolute submission and complete resignation, my children. There is only one important matter, and that is doing what needs to be done.

My children, I do not want to write more than this; just be assured that I do not lack anything. There is no sorrow, there is absolutely no problem. I am content, well, calm, happy, full of energy and grateful. Nothing would be better than whatever happens. I am certain your father has the same feeling. Many people have the same feeling now. I only wish you could understand our joy!

My children, please pray with your pure hearts that He will not take away by His justice what He has bestowed by His generosity. Please, please do not ever think that what has happened or will happen to us―the reason and the intensity of which we feel―has been any pressure or difficulty. On the contrary, all pressures have been lifted from us, and we become so light weight that we can fly! Now we are prepared for a hundred-times heavier load. I ask you again to please pray that we will be worthy.

I love you. Any time the thought of the desire of seeing you, which is unachievable now, crosses my mind, my whole being trembles. I say special prayers for you every night and every morning. This is my only selfishness. May I be sacrificed for all of you, my dear Farshid, little Nima, whom I have not seen, my lovely Kayhan, Vahid and Bayan. I love you all – Mother”

Jinous Mahmoudi, this brave mother who teaches her children courage and strength in their faith and beliefs, was one of the woman scientists of our country. She had a doctorate in physics, space and atmospheric sciences. Also, she was an effective member of Iran’s Women’s Organization and the former president of the Iran Space Agency before the disaster, whose precious life was taken away along with the lives of seven other Iranian scientists on 27 December 1981, on the accusation of following Bahaism, which caused the damnation of all the people towards the blood-thirsty elements of history.