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In the Name of God

The Honorable Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Oil

Mr. Haj Mousa Khayyer, may your blessings continue,

I am Ali Beyzaie, and would like to respectfully inform you that, a few days ago, I came to visit you at the Ministry of Oil, because of a tragic incident that struck our family. Unfortunately, I was not given permission to meet you, so I found it imperative to describe my situation through a letter, so that, God willing, I [will] receive your advice and be guided [as to what to do]. Here is the summary of the incident [issues].

My son, Parviz Beyzaie, who has a wife and children, despite [his] heavy living expenses, has been struggling with unemployment for the past two to three years.  Prior to the revolution he was employed for two to three years and was working at the hospital of the Bank-e Melli, until after the revolution. For reasons that you might be aware of, [he] was dismissed.

Now, after some time has passed, the Islamic Revolutionary Court and the offices of enforcement of orders have condemned him, stating that, “Since you were recruited illegally by the former regime, you must pay back the salary you received each month.” The amount they have claimed is about 250,000 tomans. [They say,] “Otherwise, you have to go to prison”.

Mr. Engineer [deputy minister], God is my witness that I am responsible for bearing all the expenses of Parviz, who is unemployed, and his three children. In no way can we afford to pay back such an amount. As a result [of this order], an innocent youth, at the beginning of his life, must go to prison and leave our family sorrowful and grieved.

Meanwhile—as I know you from the past—I leave this judgment to Your Excellency, who is a well-wisher, a kindhearted and affectionate person. Is it possible that an employee who has been receiving a monthly pay of two to three thousand tomans for his hard work and has spent it on his day-to-day expenses, [would] be able to pay back the lump sum of that money at once? Of course it is not possible.

I would also like to mention that after the dismissal, Bank-e Melli invited him to work. The photocopy of the order and the invitation letter are enclosed. I have no choice except to appeal to you for assistance and guidance, that through your friends and acquaintances, [you might] intervene in this matter, so that you may save this helpless and wandering family from this great calamity.

Of course, I am fully aware that Your Excellency is burdened with heavy work and my request is a difficult one, but I have no other choice. I hope that assisting people who are powerless and are in trouble [will] bring about great rewards [for you] and you may be able to undertake this important and valuable service for your old servant. I hope that God Almighty [will] grant you and your noble family His blessings and [give you] well-being.

Looking forward to Your Excellency’s infinite kindness.


At your service - Ali Beyzaie



Telephone [redacted]

Home Telephone: [redacted]


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In the Name of God

Dear Reverend Brother,

The Honourable General Director of the Bank-e Melli of Iran,

With greetings, based on our telephone conversation about the unfairness of demanding the return of the salary of the time of previous work [from the employee] and to enforce justice [to the employee] or any kind of investigation and to order action, the exact [case file] is presented to Your Excellency.

30 Tir 1363 [21 July 1984]