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Shahid Mostafa Khomeini Hospital


In the Name of God, the Exalted

[illegible] (Imam Khomeini)


Date: 1/10/1360 [22 December 1981]

Number: 7/3739



This is to certify:

Mrs. Parvindokht Bayzaie has been serving at the Shahid Mostafa Khomeini Hospital since 12/8/1352 [3 November 1973], and her insurance and pension deductions have been reduced regularly from her monthly paychecks and paid to the Social Insurance Branch 1. Note that her work ethics and quality of service during the term of her employment has been satisfactory.  Please settle her account, considering that she adheres to the perverse Baha’i sect.

Dr. Fazel

Director of Shahid Mostafa Khomeini Hospital

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Tehran – [contact details]

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