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Islamic Republic of Iran – Broadcasting

Date: 25/11/1361 [14 February 1983]

Number: 11-1369


In the Name of God

From: Office of Administration

To: Mrs. Parvaneh Ranjbar, Employee number [redacted]

Subject: Notification of the Verdict of the Office Human Resource Restructuring

Enclosed herewith is Verdict number 213 dated 16/11/1361 [5 February 1983] of the Primary Division of Human Resource Restructuring with respect to your permanent termination from employment.

Should you wish to appeal, please inform the Review Office within 15 days of this Verdict being served.

Director of Administration

Mohsen Kamali


Copy: Retirement Affairs: Enclosed is a copy of the Verdict of the Primary Division, Office of Human Resource Restructuring, Number 213, dated 16/11/1361 [5 February 1983]. You are asked to notify this office as to whether or not the Verdict is served.