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[Personal information has been redacted.]



National Consultative Assembly

Office of the Secretariat

Number: 3770

Date: 3 Tir 1323 [24 June 1944]


Ministry of the Interior,

In telegram number 156 to this Assembly, the people of Qom have expressed their displeasure at propaganda contrary to the official religion of the country, Islam. A copy of the same has also been forwarded to your Ministry. 

Diligently address the issue and communicate the results of any efforts to stop [any] propaganda inconsistent with Islam and contrary to peace and order.


The Speaker of the National Consultative Assembly

[Signature: Mohammad Sadegh Tabatabaei]


[Handwritten note 1:]  Stamp: recorded in the confidential documents of the Ministry of the Interior, number 21029, dated 3 Tir 1323 [24 June 1944] 

[Handwritten note 2:]  Political, 3 Tir 1323 [24 June] 

[Handwritten note 3:]  Stamp: Ministry of the Interior, Office of Political Affairs; number 2364, date: 6 Tir [1323] [27 June 1944]

[Handwritten note 4:]  In such cases, the guidance of the [Office of the Prime Minister] is normally sought.  

[Handwritten note 5:]  Now that we have an answer from the Office of the Prime Minister, refer to the telegram and reply. 18 Tir [9 July]

[Handwritten note 6:]  Mr. Rezaei, please attach the response from Prime Minister’s Office. [Signature: Ameli]

[Handwritten note 7:]  Mr. Rezaei, telegram 156 is not in the case folder. 19 Tir [10 July]