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25 Esfand 1378 [15 March 2000]


To the esteemed Mr. Mohri


With respect, according to the officers in charge of evicting the Baha’is from their homes, you are [aware] that they are [accused of] murder, pillage, torture and confiscation of properties, owing merely to their heartfelt and moral belief and failure to deny the Baha’i Faith, and it was you who issued the order for my eviction.

Dear Sir, as a result of receiving notices delivered to my home, I have complained to all of the following authorities, during late Azar of 1378 [mid-December 1999]:

1-Ayatollah Hosein Nayyeri; 2- Chief of the Judiciary, Ayatollah Shahroudi; 3- The esteemed president of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Ayatollah Khatami; 4- The esteemed minister of the interior, Ayatollah Mousavi Lari; 5- The esteemed head of the Justice Administration, Ayatollah Shoushtari; 6- The esteemed head of the Parliament, Ayatollah Nategh-Nouri; 7- The esteemed minister of foreign affairs, Mr. Kharrazi; 8- The esteemed ambassador of the Islamic Republic in Germany, Mr. Ahmad Azizi; 9- The esteemed president of the commission for Article 90 [of the Constitution]; 10- The esteemed head of the National Investigation Organization, Mr. Soltani; 11- The esteemed head of the Execution of Imam Khomeini's Order (EIKO); 12- The esteemed chief commissioner of the State Police; 13- The esteemed chief of the police station 4; and now to Your Highness.

I have also requested some of the above[-mentioned people] to apply the provisions of Article 35 of the Criminal Courts 1 and 2 Procedures Act; therefore, I request the cancellation of my home’s eviction order pending the final investigation. In addition, I have recently been discharged after twenty-five days of hospitalisation.

Dear Sir, you undoubtedly believe in the oneness of God, the All-Knowing and the All-Seeing, and the Day of Resurrection, and rewards for the actions of individuals. I am calling at the threshold of Divine Justice all those individuals, who are aware of and involved with the oppressions, sufferings and deprivations inflicted upon the Baha’i community—in particular upon me and my family—as the poet says: “Shekast -i- Shisheyeh Del ra Magou Sedayee Nist. Ke In Seda Beh Qiamat Boland Khahad Shod.” [Do not imagine that there is no sound when the heart is broken, as its sound will rise at Resurrection.] 

Dear Sir, I am an authentic Iranian, in love with this sacred land, which is the dawning place of light. I beg of you not to [require] me to reveal, with the orders handed over to me and my exceeding knowledge and information about the situation, the countless injustices, which have been inflicted upon not only my family but the Baha’i community of Iran. Please let us be, once and for all, and cancel and stop the eviction order. Perhaps you could convince Haj Aqa Nayyeri (he  signed the confiscation order 22794 – 6 Khordad 1370 [27 May 1991] twice, ten years after my husband’s execution) to annul the confidential directive, dated 15 Dey 1371 [5 January 1993], indicative of non-investigation of the complaints lodged by the Baha’is at the Supreme Court, and to order the investigation of my request (to apply the provisions of Article 35 of the Criminal Courts 1 and 2 Procedures Act), and to forward our file to the Supreme Court for investigation.

Dear Sir, you do believe that the Almighty God, in the Holy Quran, has recognised and confirmed the validity of the Jewish and Christian religions and has assigned the Jewish religion for a determined period of time and then the Christian religion for another period, followed by the religion of Islam, and that all these religions were brought on Earth through the Great Prophets. I mean that the Almighty God has changed His laws and teachings in accordance with the time. Now that, according to Ayatollah Rafsanjani, “The times have changed” and “It is a different time now”, why don’t the esteemed authorities of the Islamic Republic change their judgements and refer them to higher authorities for investigation? I am certain that Haj Aqa Nayyeri, being very busy, has signed the judgements and let them be processed without studying the files and looking at the letters from the attorney and the passport copies, etc.

Again, after several other times, a copy of my most recent Islamic Republic passport and the official marriage certificate of my daughter, who is the real owner of the apartment, are enclosed. Other enclosures include copies of four recent letters and a copy of the letter addressed to Ayatollah Khamenei, dated Dey 1370 [December/January 1991/1992], making a total of eight pages.



Pari Vahdat-Hagh

25 Esfand 1378 [15 March 2000]

Address [redacted]