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Public number -----

Private number -----



Islamic Republic of Iran

Ministry of Education

Office of Education of Karaj County


Subject of the Draft:




Date of writing: -----13

Date of registration: -----13

Exit Date: 30 Mehr 1363 [22 October 1984]


In the Name of God

“Whoever choses a religion other than Islam, it is not accepted of him, and he will be one of the losers in the next world” (Holy Quran)

The Honourable Director of the Department of Education of Karaj, Branch No. 1

With greetings and blessings, this is to report that in accordance with your instruction to expel the students who follow the Baha’i sect, Miss Parastoo Yegan, student in second grade of middle school, owing to her admission to being a follower of this sect and refusing to sign the internal pledge of the academy, which has been prepared for such students, has been expelled from school as of this date, and has no right to join the classroom or to be present at the school.

In the hope of the Pilgrimage of Karbala of Hosein,

Officer in charge of the academy

Yousef [illegible]


[Signature over official stamp]

Department of Education, Karaj Province

Shahid Mohammad Montazer-Ghaem High School

Education and learning is worship.

30 Mehr 1363 [22 October 1984]