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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Newspaper:] Iran-e Ma

[Date:] 26 Mehr 1325 [18 October 1946]

[Issue No.:] 657

[Page:] 3


A New Book About the Leader of the Baha’i Sect

Two French writers, known as Jean and Jerome Tharaud [Tharaud brothers], members of a famous French academy, who have written several books together, have recently been writing a biography of Seyyed Mohammad Ali [Ali Mohammad] the Bab, the founder of the Baha’i sect, which is called “The Philosopher of Shiraz”.

Soon this book will be printed and published in Paris. Since publishing books in Europe is not as difficult as in Iran, [where] it takes too long for a book to be printed—a book of five hundred pages can be printed and prepared [in Europe] for sale within a few hours—the book has probably already been published. 

George [Jerome] Tharaud and Jean Tharaud, members of the French academy, who have written the biography of Seyyed Mohammad Ali-e [Seyyed Ali Mohammad-e] Bab, have attempted to write his spiritual and moral biography, explain the situation of Shiraz and Iran, and explain the reasons why people paid so much attention to him and believed in him. In summary, the book entitled the “Philosopher of Shiraz” is a philosophical and political biography of Seyyed Mohammad Ali [Seyyed Ali Mohammad]-e Bab

The summarized account of the book and some of its chapters were published in the last issue of Nabard newspaper in Paris.  Copies of this newspaper have reached Tehran and are currently on sale. It is not unlikely that the original copies of this book have also been sent for sale to the East.