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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Adapted from website:] Organization of Iranian Socialists 

[Date:] 16 Aban 1385 [7 November 2006]


Declaration of the Organization of Iranian Socialists

The Organization of Iranian Socialists, in connection with the violation of the democratic and citizenship rights of Baha’i compatriots by the authorities of the Islamic Republic of Iran, strongly condemns the harassment of Baha’i compatriots through actions such as “control and surveillance of Baha’is and their social activities by the Ministry of Interior and Political and Security Deputy Governorates across the country.” (1)

In our opinion—the followers of Mossadegh Socialism—the religious, ethnic, racial, and political affiliation cannot and should not segregate the Iranians into “good” and “bad” categories, as in the days of Adolf Hitler and the Nazis in Germany.

Those Iranians and Iranian political forces who claim to oppose the division by the regime’s totalitarian faction of the Iranian nation into insiders and outsiders, in connection with the enjoyment of political rights by the Iranian people, if they are true to their claims, should not remain silent about the oppression of religious minorities, including Baha’is, and condemn the undemocratic actions of the authorities of the Islamic Republic, in connection with the violation of the rights of Baha’i compatriots.

On one hand, Dr. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the president of the Islamic Republic of Iran, denies the crimes of Hitler and the Nazis against the Jews living in Europe and shamelessly denies the Holocaust, like the German neo-Nazis. But on the other hand, the officials of the Ministry of Interior of His Excellency have adopted the same German Nazis’ approach to oppress the Jews, as a model for their anti-Baha’i activity. This should not be faced with the silence of Iranian libertarians and democrats!

Those who rightly emphasize the slogan “Iran belongs to all Iranians” must bear in mind that the word “Iranians” used in that slogan means all members of the Iranian nation, regardless of [their] religious, ethnic, racial and political affiliation!

We, the followers of Mossadegh Socialism, call for an end to all actions of the officials of the Ministry of Interior, the governorates and the repressive security institutions in the Islamic Republic, which are contrary to the fundamental principles and rights stipulated in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and Citizenship, which ultimately tarnish the rights of our Baha’i compatriots, and we strongly condemn all forms of restriction, pressure and persecution against our Baha’i compatriots. 

On behalf of the Executive Board of the Organization of Iranian Socialists

Dr. Mansour Bayatzadeh

Postscript Note

- Iran is stepping up its covert efforts to target Baha’is


- Instructions from the Ministry of Interior regarding the surveillance of Baha’is by political and security deputies of governorates throughout the country