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Number: 12056

Date: 29 Aban 1331 [20 November 1952]



Ministry of the Interior

Provincial Government of the Eighth Province

Confidential and direct


Ministry of the Interior,

Pursuant to letter number 11256 – 2582 – 2 Aban 1331 [24 October 1952] with the explanation from Brigadier General Ala’i regarding the incident that took place on 10 Mehr 1331 [2 October 1952] attached, we convey the following.

As indicated in the recent report presented to you under number 11210 – 13 Azar 1331 [4 December 1952], at this time, since calling Mr. Ansari, the preacher, to Kerman, and other preparations, the conditions in Rafsanjan are normal and there is no need for concern. We now attach a copy of letter number 10418 from Brigade 7 of Kerman, indicating that order and security have been restored.  Nevertheless, the necessary orders have been given to the gendarmerie and the police department of Kerman to issue the needed instructions to the police agents there. The Rafsanjan mayor’s office will also take the usual cautionary measures.

In addition, we believe it is important to inform you that Mr. Abbas Khandani Rafsanjani, who, according to the available evidence, has been identified as one of the individuals inciting this incident, and had been called to Kerman for this reason, and had been wanted by the Court of Rafsanjan, has secretly left for Tehran and, with a recent speech given at Radio Tehran, has increased the dissatisfaction of the people of Rafsanjan. The necessary actions for his extradition to Rafsanjan have been taken by the police department.

In closing, we convey that, as soon as we are assured of the restoration of public order in Rafsanjan and the exit of Mr. Ansari from Kerman, which is expected to happen within the next few days, the necessary actions will be taken by the relevant authorities to follow up on the matter so that the main perpetrators can be prosecuted.


On behalf of the Governor of the Eighth Province



[Stamp: The Confidential Office of the Ministry of the Interior]

Number: 12238

Date: 8 Azar 1331 [29 November 1952]