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Ministry of Post, Telegram and, Telephone

Head Office of the Ministry

Date: 23/2/1320-[13 May 1941]

Number: 292;




The Office of His Excellency, Mr. Prime Minister


Copy of report number 55, [dated] 3/2/1320 [23 April 1941] [of the] Postal Services of Sarvestan, which was sent through the Office of Post, Telegram and Telephone of Shiraz, is attached for your attention.


Minister of Post, Telegram and Telephone



[Handwritten:] Write to Ministry of the Interior that [people] have no right to protest or demonstrate, as such activities have been strictly forbidden by the government in order to protect peace and order for the citizens. It is necessary to provide guidance to the Seventh [Provincial] Governor General the way they see appropriate. 24/2/20 [14 May 1941]


[Stamp: received at the Office of the Prime Minister, number: 2386, date: 27/2/1320 [17 May 1941]