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The Office of Governor General of the Ninth Province


Decoded telegram from the Ministry of the Interior, dated 24 Mordad [1323] [15 August 1944],


Recently reports have been received constantly from various parts of the country regarding some seditious people who have taken religious differences as an excuse to provoke people every day, causing riots and disturbances, plundering and beatings, injuring and even killing people. Because the policy of the government is based on the protection of law, order and [public] safety, and uprooting the source of any kind of revolt and insurgency, especially in this period of the coming of Ramadan, [could prove difficult], if urgent and serious steps are not taken to preserve complete security, it is most probable that troublemakers will incite the people’s emotions and cause enmity, quarrel, and blood-shedding.


It is imperative that by the application of the full force of the law and [the devising of] achievable goals, [we] take some sort of [pre-emptive] action, [whereby we will] assuredly be able to establish full stability and safety everywhere. In order to achieve this purpose, please immediately do whatever you deem necessary. Orders have been issued to both the Police and the Gendarmerie to act in accordance with your directives. The Ministry of War and the Ministry of Justice have also been asked to issue orders to their personnel to follow your instructions and, within the boundaries of law, to do whatever needs to be done. Other government departments and local offices, as well as prominent and reliable people and community leaders and trustees will no doubt help with this endeavour. Please share your views by telegraph concerning this matter and inform the Ministry of the Interior of the final outcome [of your actions].

392 [?].


[Hazhir [1]]





[1] [Abdol-Hosein Hazhir, became the Minister of the Interior in the cabinet of Mohammad Sa‘ed in 1944]