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Office of the Prime Minister

Type of draft: Letter

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Date written: 1 Aban 1316 [23 October 1937], Date of transcription: 2 Aban 1316 [24 October 1937], Date recorded: 3 Aban 1316 [24 October 1937]


The Eastern Province of Azerbaijan

As a result of receiving the telegrams containing the complaints of a number of the residents in Tabriz about the actions of Asghar Mohseni, which has led to their exile, the Ministry of the Interior has been ordered to investigate the matter and take action to allay the complaints.

As per the reports, according to the investigations carried out by the commission and agreed to by the Province, it became urgent for a few of the peasants in Seisan to stay away. [More recently], it has been heard that the reason for their exile was their religious path. Instruct that, along with an explanation about the nature of the incident, [we be informed] of the opinion of the Province in this regard.

The Prime Minister [Signature]