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Ministry of the Interior


Date: 11 Khordad 1322 [2 June 1943]

Number: 457/1147


Confidential. Urgent


Ministry of War,

According to a report from the Governorate of Zahedan, the Baha’is of Zabol have engaged in propaganda activities and held gatherings; after appropriate measures were taken, their actions have been halted. In view of the fact that the activities of the Baha’is are against the interests of the government and can cause dispute between them and the Muslims, it will be appreciated if you will please prohibit such activities and instruct the local army barracks to cooperate with the Governorate in preventing the Baha’is from engaging in any promotion [of their faith] and keep the Ministry of the Interior informed about their actions.


Minister of the Interior



[Handwritten Note:] Head of the Political Division