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Islamic Republic of Iran

Sepah Bank

Date: 4/5/1360 [26 July 1981]

Number 2746

The Director


In the Name of God


In accordance with the Imam’s decree, issued by the great leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran (Imam Khomeini), these insignificant seditious groups, which claim to be popular but in fact are against the people, are risen in armed rebellion against the Islamic Republic of Iran.  The Baha’is are considered apostates; therefore, it is the religious duty of every Muslim, in defence of Islam, to inform the appropriate authorities of those belonging to this group.

Since it is unforgivable for any Muslim to ignore this religious duty, it is incumbent upon all the directors, heads of branches, and their deputies, as well as the members of Hezbollahis, each and every one, to report the details of these individuals to the nearest Revolutionary Guards Committee.

It is evident that should any of the above mentioned individuals [fail to] carry out this religious duty, they will face grave consequences.

Zaynul-Abedin Yaghoubi

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