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[Personal information has been redacted.]



Division of Confiscated Assets


In the Name of God


Number: 314

Date: 13 Shahrivar 1358 [04 September 1979]

Enclosure: Nil


Hereby, the residents in the building previously known as the Farahzad School (located at the upper part of the Farahzad School of Theology) which is owned by the Omana Company, are being notified to evacuate the above mentioned property within ten days.

Obviously, non-compliance with this order will be treated according to the rules of the Islamic Revolutionary Court.


Deputy Director of Omana Company

Engineer Azadegan

[Signed and stamped]


[Handwritten note in the bottom of the page]

Dear Farahzad [Islamic Revolution] Committee,


Please provide all necessary assistance to the representative of this foundation, Mr. [Mostashar].


[Stamp and signed]