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The Islamic Republic of Iran

The Ministry of Health

Office of the Minister

Number [illegible]

Date: 10 Dey 1359 [31 December 1980]

Enclosure -----


The Office of Human Resources, Province of Tehran


Whereas, since  the passage of the Islamic Constitution, all subdivisions of the ministry offices or government organizations operate based on the Islamic laws and the values of the Islamic Republic of Iran, it is unfitting to have those who openly state their affiliation with the Baha’i sect; and as non-corruption of religious conviction [illegible] is one of the employment requirements by virtue of Article 14 of the National Employment Act and Article 6 of the Social Security Employment Regulations and/or other Employment Regulations; therefore, please issue an immediate order to assess the applicants who are accused of being Baha’i.  This action needs to be communicated to the accused in writing, and if they still insist and confirm their belief, their employment must be terminated (whether based on the National Employment Act and Article 6 from the Social Welfare/Security Employment Regulations and/or on other Employment Regulations) by 1 Bahman 1359 [21January 1981], and their years of service will be calculated according to employment legislation.

Doctor Hadi Manafi

Health Minister [Signature]



26 Dey 1359 [16 January 1981]


Copy to:

1 – Sorkheh Hesar Hospital to take action

2 – Poly Clinic for their information, notify this area in the event such individuals work in that unit.

3 –The Office of Personnel

[Name and signature]

Dr. Forough Golkar

Regional Director of Eastern Health – Tehran [stamp]


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