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In the Name of God,


From: Islamic Revolutionary Prosecutor for the Army

To: [illegible]

Subject: Termination of pensions of [members] of the perverse Baha’i sect

Number:  401-66-500-733

Date 05/06/1363 [27 August 1984]


The disputes that are observed, are a result of weakness of Faith. "Imam Khomeini"

We submit herewith a forty-eight page file containing one thousand and forty-eight names. You are directed to arrange for the termination of their pensions or their dismissal [from employment] and report the results [of your action in this matter].


Islamic Revolutionary Prosecutor for the Army



Recipient 3-  Office of the Human Resources, for information and action.

Rank: Sergeant Major, Given Name: Karamat, Surname: Ghodrati Hesari, Father's name: Mohammad

Tier: 107

Original of the letter is in the non-officially recognized religions file.

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