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Justice Administration

Islamic Republic of Iran

The Public Court of Abadeh District


In the Name of God

On 16/8/1362 [7 November 1983], at the appointed time, the court session at the Criminal Court 1 of Abadeh was held in the presence of the undersigned and the accused (file 62-1243).  The filed report of citizens of Abadeh is in regard to the Baha’i beliefs of Mr. Bahram Jannati, son of Mohammad, 47 years old, hairdresser, native and resident of Abadeh, Imam Khomeini Street, [who operates] his hair dressing business with three other individuals.  Pursuant to the hearing of the testimony of the accused and perusal of the file, [the court has] concluded [its] investigation and has announced [the verdict below].  (In respect to the other individuals, the file remains open).

The court verdict:  Regarding the charge [against] Mr. Bahram Jannati as a Baha’i, and ownership of a barber shop in the Muslim bazaar, and considering the many complaints of the Muslim citizens and his confession to Baha’i beliefs, and with regards to the situation of the Muslim market and the Islamic Republic, and the occupation of the accused and his apostasy,  and [the fact that he is] untouchable, he has no competency for such a job and his shop is to be declared totally closed down, with his work permit cancelled.  In case he changes his job, the ruling will be issued by the recommendations of the court and the Sharia judge with regards to the opening of the shop.  This verdict is final, and the file of the other individuals remains open.

Presiding judge of branch one of the penal Court of Abadeh – Kiyani

Certified copy; the transcript or copy corresponds with the original.  Chief Clerk of the Criminal Court of Abadeh, Branch 1 – Rahbar