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[Personal information has been redacted.]


M 160


Bureau of Telegraph of the Exalted Government of Iran

Ledger number: 64

[Illegible]: 130

From Kashan to T [Tehran]

Invoice number: 69

Telegram number: 7

Number of words: 62

Original date: 25

Description: governmental

Delivery date: -----

Receiver: [illegible]


The Honourable Minister of the Interior—long live his glory

According to your directives, cable number 11-18, from the servants of His Eminence the Prime Minister, long may his grandeur [last], [is submitted]. Yesterday, 24 Mizan [Mehr] [16 October 1921], Vahdat-e Bashar School was inaugurated before the deputy governor and the head of the Department of Education, with the presence of [representatives from] six bureaus. The city and its surroundings were in perfect order. No incidents worth reporting occurred.

[Date:] 25 Mizan [25 Mehr] [17 October] - number 882

[Signature:] Sardar Shoja



[Handwritten note: 1] Send a copy to Ministry of Education

[Handwritten note: 2] Southern Bureau - 27 Mizan [27 Mehr] [19 October]

[Handwritten note: 3] Copy was made.

[Handwritten note 4:] Copy sent to the Ministry of Education