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Bonyad-e Mostazafan

Omana Cooperative

Tehran – [contact details]


Division of Expropriated Assets

Note: -----

Date: 10/4/1358 [1 July 1979]

Telephone: 926483


Notary Public Number 75 in Shiraz

This is hereby to inform you that in accordance with the order number N-193- dated 18/3/1358 [5 June 1979], of the Islamic Prosecutor’s Office of Iran, the Aha (private joint-stock) Company has been expropriated. Accordingly, you are directed to refrain from any transactions and/or registrations concerning the movable and immovable assets, shares, securities, and any other general resources of this company.

Bonyad-e Mostazafin

Acting Supervisor of the expropriated Omana Company

On behalf of Mr. Azadegan


Notary Public Number ----

This is submitted to your attention re Omana (private joint-stock) Company, as per order number

N-193-dated 18/3/1358 [5 June 1979]