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[Personal information has been redacted.]


Omana [Private] Company


Tehran- [redacted]

Phone: [redacted]

Telegram title: (Omanco)

Date: 6 Mordad 1358 [28 July 1979]

Number: ------

Enclosure: ------


Mr. Hadavi, esteemed Prosecutor General of the Revolution

Pursuant to letters dated 31 Khordad 1358 [21 June 1979] and 7 Tir 1358 [28 June 1979], regarding the issue of the actions by the Mostazafin Foundation to take over the building of the Omana Company and to stop its related affairs, we now inform you that, in different cities of Iran, even individuals who do not represent the Mostazafin Foundation have attempted to get into and take over and destroy the properties belonging to this company.  For example, during the past week a group of people destroyed one of this company’s buildings in Arak with a bulldozer.  They were not satisfied after doing this, and also took the remains of the seven original owners of this building, who were attacked and killed over fifty years ago, and were thus buried in this house, to an unknown place, contrary to the teachings of the luminous religion of Islam.

Given that these assaults and pressures, particularly during the holy month of Ramadan, are likely to cause problems and difficulties in various parts of the country, which surely are not agreeable to your honours and also to the esteemed leader and the government authorities, we hereby request that you issue the necessary orders for preventing such events, and also for the return of the properties of this company.


With expressions of respect- Chief Executive Officer