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“In the Name of God”


The Esteemed Head of the Preliminary Commission Number 3 Shiraz


Date: 29/2/1361 [19 May 1982]


I write in response to order number 86-3-B-H dated 28/2/1361 [18 May 1982] to respectfully inform you that I, Olya Mosalinejad, employee number [redacted].  Duration my employed at the National Petroleum Company of Iran, I offered my services,(as supported by the testimony of my colleagues, as well as the content of my personal file) with honesty and trustworthiness.  My good service is based on my foundation of beliefs, upon which my character and behaviour are built.  Contrary to the content of the above-mentioned order, my good character and behaviour could not have been built upon (perverse) beliefs, rather they result from a strong belief in the unity of God and the divinity of the Great Prophets – upon whom be greetings and praise.  As I personally mentioned to you, I believe in the Holy Religion of Baha’i; its principles, fundamental elements and teachings are built on a belief in God, and the same positive foundation as all other Holy Religions, including the Holy Religion of Islam.


In Article 21, 22 and 23 of the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the right to choose a belief freely for the people of Iran is respected, and in order to protect that right, any inquisition is forbidden.  Also, job security is guaranteed for all people.  Therefore it is puzzling to know how and on what principle, which would necessarily be contrary to the Constitution, that merely believing in the Holy Religion of Baha’i, has been deemed criminal, and thus my services terminated. 


Again, I state that Baha’is who live all over the world believe in the oneness of God and confess to the truthfulness of the Holy Religion of Islam and all Divine Religions; and are explicitly required by religious law to act with honesty, trustworthiness and sincerity in service to the country and its people, without any trace of deceit or discord.  Bahá’ís endeavour to be honest and useful members of society.  Unfortunately, the treatment I received can tarnish all the Articles of 19 to 41 of the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran and damage the lofty and divine goal of being the protector of the world’s oppressed. 


Because of my sincere beliefs and religious principles as expressed here, I have always been obedient to my government’s laws and regulations. While accepting the subject of the received Order, I am requesting a review and adjudication, based on the offered above explanation.  May the Almighty God assist and confirm the enlightened conscience of the esteemed members of the Commission to make just decisions based on the standards of religion and the Constitution.


Respectfully submitted,

Olya Mosalinejad


Copy: to the Esteemed Head of Shiraz Regional distribution for information please

Copy: to the Esteemed Head of Administrative Affairs Shiraz distribution for information please