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In the Name of God


The Judiciary of the Islamic Republic of Iran



Date: 13 Mehr 1390 [5 October 2011]


Enclosure: -----


Particulars and Residence of the Declarant: Semnan - 17 Shahrivar Blvd. Semnan - Regional Water Company

Subject of Subpoena: As described in the text

Particulars and Residence of the Addressee: Mehdishahr [redacted] Hazeldar Livestock and Agriculture Company, Mr. Nejatollah Khanjani

Summary of Response: 18 Mehr 1390 [10 October 2011]


Esteemed Addressee:


Since the acquisition of water from the well is subject to exploitation, licence number 335/1301/400, dated 22 Dey 1387 [11 January 2009] has been allocated for irrigating lands, subject to the official contract for the assignment of lands of national resources to number 21090, dated 1 Mehr 1374 [23 September 1995], and according to the announcement of the Department of Natural Resources and Watershed Management of Semnan, the lease contract has been terminated and with this description, the well in question does not have lands now to irrigate. Therefore, citing paragraph (Z) of Article (24) of the Law of Equitable Distribution of Water, this company intends to revoke the mentioned exploitation licence, fill in the well and make it unutilized. Therefore, it is appropriate to notify the company of the action and the result within one week from the date of viewing this declaration regarding the reclamation of the original exploitation licence and also to provide the preliminary arrangements for filling in the well.

It is clear that after the expiration of the above deadline and the lack of effective action in this case, the company, while raising the issue in the commission for handling the issuance of licences, will directly revoke the mentioned exploitation licence and fill in the well and make it unutilized through the judicial authorities. With the realization of this matter, it will receive all the damages related to the measures taken, including the expenses related to filling the well and the court costs, etc., through the judicial authorities and on the basis of the causation rule, and the future claims and objections of that company will not be admissible.

Finally, if you have an answer or explanation about the above already mentioned, please enter the answer in the summary column.


Atabak Jafari

Chairman of the board of directors and managing director [signature]


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