[Translator’s notes appear in square brackets]

[Personal information has been redacted.]


Public number: ------

Private number: -----

Bin: ------

File: -----


Office of the Prime Minister

Type of draft: ------

Subject of draft: ------

Enclosure: ------

Clean copy drafter: ------

Date of draft: ------, Month: ------, Date of clean copy: ------, Month: ------, Date recorded: -----


My dear friend

Your letter dated 4 Shahrivar [27 August] of this year enclosed with a petition from Karaj tradesmen and businessmen was received, and a detailed report was submitted to the Ministry of Agriculture. Once response is received, you will be duly informed of the actions.  


Best wishes,



7 Shahrivar 1326 [30 August 1947]


[Handwritten note on the margin of page]

Signed by the esteemed Director of the Office

Title on the envelope:

Mr. Zahirol-Eslam