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From Kermanshah—Cable – Very Urgent 


To Commanders of Military Divisions and Brigades

In accordance with the order of the Ground Forces number 12742/6926, dated 30 Aban 1340 [21 November 1961] and 3054 - 2 Mehr 1341 [24 September 1962], the mention of the word Baha’i as an identity is an act of demonstration [open declaration of Faith]. Officers and civilian staff, as well as non-commissioned officers who engage in such demonstration, will not be promoted as per the orders of His Royal Command. 


Brigadier-General Afsarinejad

5796 - 3 Mehr 1341 [25 September 1962]



Copy of the above cable is to be shared with all subsidiary units. You are requested to share its contents for information and implementation with all officers, including non-commissioned officers, of the unit.

20482/K - 15 Mehr 1341 [7 October 1962]


Chief of Staff of 2nd Army

Colonel Boroumandan